Skateboard Graphics

Logo Animations

This case includes four Logo Animations that I've created for various projects throughout the years



Nordaxis (or Nordaxis Photography UF officially) was an old test company that I ran between 2019-2020. Since the business was built on me being a freelancing photographer and content creator - I believed it would be essential to have an animated version of my own logotype. This was the result.  



Jennyhjälpen is my old high school Jenny Nyströmsskolan's version of "Musikhjälpen" - the radio/TV show where money is collected for charity. This logo animation was made so it could be used in live broadcasting, but also for marketing purposes such as in video and social media advertising.


G Logo

Before I developed my current Personal Branding, I had some other logotype ideas. This was one of them, which I also decided to animate.


Evig Produktion

Evig Produktion is a company that operates within the wedding photography and videography field. I had the pleasure of helping them develop their animated logotype.