Skateboard Graphics

Poster Compilation

Various posters that I've created throughout the years.


Event Poster


This is a poster that was created for "Framtidsmässan" in Kalmar - an event where high schools in Kalmar got visitors from workplaces and universities from all over Sweden.

It was made in February 2019.


Movie Poster

“Left Behind - The Last Man on Planet Earth”

This poster was made in April 2019 for an assignment in a graphic design class I took in high school. The task was to "Create a Movie Poster" of some kind. So that is simply what I did. With some of my own photos, and a couple of

free-to-use images from the internet - I created this movie poster for a non-existent thriller/adventure film.

movieposter_last-min (1).jpg

Concert Poster

“A Night Dedicated to the Punks”

The last poster included in this case is a poster made for a made-up concert night at Sofiehof Underjord in Jönköping.

I was given free hands to create pretty much whatever I wanted and to whichever theme I wanted. I am a huge music nerd, especially for rough metal and punk music. Hence, I decided that this was a night dedicated to all the punk rockers out there. That is the reason why this poster radiates a raw punk-ish aura. 

This poster was made in November 2020.